Mactaggart W G 62B
2015 Classic Entries
                                Lot 267: Mactaggart W G 62B
                                       Suffolk Yearling Ram
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Twin
2nd highest growth index (9.55) of all the Suffolk rams in 2014.
This young yearling has done extremely well. He is large bodied, heavy bone and is very smooth. This ram will certainly add mass and growth to his offspring
   Mactaggart W G 5C RR
                                Lot 292: Mactaggart W G 5C RR
                                       Suffolk Junior Ram Lamb
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Single
Big ram with huge bone! this guy has been an eye catch since he was a wee lad.
If you are looking for some growth and stretch this is a ram to watch for.
He is Kyle's pick of this year's ram crop. Beautiful head and great bodied ram.
                                    Genovis:Gx 97% Gxm 98% 
   Mactaggart W G 54C RR
   Mactaggart W G 8C RR
   Mactaggart W G 25C
                                Lot 291: Mactaggart W G 54C RR
                                      Suffolk Junior Ram Lamb 
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Twin
The first lamb to be sold sired our new BATT rams from Idaho. See our stud ram page for the pictures. This lamb is deep bodied level over the rump and wide topped. He has a bold Suffolk head. We are really pleased with these lambs off our new rams and think that they will be long lasting medium framed sheep that will shine in all farming systems.
                    Genovis: Gx 99% Tx 99% Gxm 98% Txm 98%
                                Lot 250: Mactaggart W G 8C RR
                                       Suffolk Junior Ewe Lamb
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Twin
Lower set really pretty ewe sired by a ram lamb that we showed slick sheared last year. Don't be fooled by her longer docked tail she is level hipped and square over her rump. This ewe will be an easy keeping low maintenance ewe.
                    Genovis: Gx 87% Tx 87% Gxm 93% Txm 93%

                                Lot 249: Mactaggart W G 25C RR
                                       Suffolk Junior Ewe Lamb
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Twin
For those who appreciate large frame fast growing sheep with flash and style mark this ewe in your catalogue. She is green and growthy and will make and great show prospect this year and next. Has a strong and proven pedigree. Maternal sister to the second prize ram lamb at last years Classic selling to Ernie Childs. 
                    Genovis: Gx 99% Tx 99% Gxm 97% Txm 97%
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   Mactaggart W G 1B RR
                                Lot 267 substitute: Mactaggart W G 1B RR
                                       Suffolk Yearling Ewe
                            Genotype: RR   Birth Type: Single
ATTENTION! we have substituted yearling ewes. We are bringing the 1st place ewe lamb and reserve champion ewe from the 2014 Royal Winter Fair.
  This ewe is impressive for her natural thickness and mass. She is large boned and pretty headed. This ewe should not be leaving the farm but we wanted to bring a special one to offer at the Classic.
                    Genovis:Gx 80% Tx 79% Gxm 82% Txm 82%
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